Import icons into XCode

You can import app icons assets generated by MakeAppIcon into your XCode project very easily.

By using Assets Catalog

  1. Extract the zip file in your desktop.
  2. Find the ios directory inside the extracted file
  3. Go to the General tab of your project settings, select the corresponding Target.
  4. In Appicon and launch images, select to use Assets catalog, open the asset catalog by clicking the arrow icon.

  5. Now drag the AppIcon.appiconset folder directly into the opened asset catalog in your XCode Project.

  6. Now you should see the icons imported. Make sure to select to use it.
  7. Clean and build your project. You should now see the icons in live!

By importing one by one

Other than using the Assets Catalog, you may also import the icons one by one into the project according to your needs.