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AppStore/PlayStore ready icons, one API call away

Integrate MakeAppIcon to your service, application, DevOps workflow and more with our all new API!


  1. Easy to use synchronous API
  2. Automatically optimize and resize the icons
  3. Get icons for multiple platforms at once

Premium Features

  1. Unlimited API calls
  2. Specify an email address to receive the icons
  3. No API time out*

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How to use

Get icons for all platforms (iOS, Android and WatchKit):

curl --upload-file myAwesomeIcon.png https://makeappicon.com/make/all

Get icons for iOS:

curl --upload-file myAwesomeIcon.png https://makeappicon.com/make/ios

Get icons for Android:

curl --upload-file myAwesomeIcon.png https://makeappicon.com/make/android

Get icons for WatchKit:

curl --upload-file myAwesomeIcon.png https://makeappicon.com/make/watchkit

Note: Optimized icons will be downloaded as “icon.zip”

Send a copy to email

Put an email address/an array of email addresses in the HTTP Header if you want to get a copy of icon at an email address, like this:

curl --upload-file myAwesomeIcon.png -v -H "Email: YOUR_EMAIL" https://makeappicon.com/make/all