MakeAppIcon for Android

MakeAppIcon is also an android icon generator for developers. According to the Android Developer Guide, developers have to create icons for all screen densities including low-, medium-, high-, and extra-high-density screens to ensure that your android icons display properly across different devices.

Android icon size & screen densities:





ldpi (0.75x)

120 dpi

36 x 36 px

Low density screen

mdpi (baseline)

160 dpi

48 x 48 px

Medium density screen

hdpi (1.5x)

240 dpi

72 x 72 px

High density screen

xhdpi (2x)

320 dpi

96 x 96 px

Extra-high density screen

xxhdpi (3x)

480 dpi

144 x 144 px

Extra-extra-high density screen

xxxhdpi (4x)

640 dpi

192 x 192 px

This is for the the launcher icon only*



512 x 512 px

Google Play store

*A 512 x 512 pixel android icon has to be prepared if you are publishing your app on Google Play. It should be included in the developer console at upload. MakeAppIcon has also provided the Google Play icons for you. These icons will be used in various locations on Google Play and will not replace your launcher icon.

Below is a few common uses of Android icons:

  • Launcher Icons - Represent your app on the user's home screen and the shortcuts into your app.

  • Menu Icons - Placed in the options menu and shown to users when they press the Menu button.

  • Action Bar Icons - Represent action items in the Action Bar.

  • Status Bar Icons - Represent notifications from your app in the status bar.

  • Tab Icons - Represent individual tabs in a multi-tab interface.

  • Dialog Icons - Shown in pop-up dialog boxes that prompt your users for interaction.

  • List View Icons - Use with ListView to graphically represent list items